AV and Stage Requirements


Technical Director (or equivalent)                                                                                                                                                  To ensure that your audience get maximum value from Warren’s presentation we have listed AV and stage requirements below. So we can be confident that you have everything that you need, please email theunbreakablefarmer@gmail.com and confirm that the below requirements can be met. Alternatively you can call Warren direct on (+61) 0448815001.


  • A big enough to be seen from the back of the room
  • A high definition screen/ projector
  • A bright enough room for the screen to be clearly seen with house lights on
  • Although Warren will bring keynotes on his laptop, he will also bring a backup on a USB
  • Warren will supply my own remote for PowerPoint slide changes


  • Preferably a headset 
  • A roving mic, as Warren will interact with the audience 
  • A audio connection for my videos HP Pavilion g series laptop

On the stage

  • A podium or elevated table for laptop, complete with mains power and connections for a HP Pavilion g series laptop (as seen above). Please confirm with Warren that this will be available- ideally Warren would prefer not to be centre stage but either to the right or left side of the stage (no preference).
  • Water please! Speaking is thirsty work!

The room and space

  • Temperature- A room full of people can get a bit stuffy, so preferably the temperature would be better on the cooler side. Or either let Warren know
  1. How to change the temperature in the room
  2. Have someone would can adjust the temperature throughout Warren’s speech 


  • It is also desirable that Warren speak with the MC or the person that is doing my introduction and technical director (or equivalent) prior to the event to prevent any errors

Please email Warren at theunbreakablefarmer@gmail.com.au to confirm above requirements can be met.

Looking forward to working with you!

Or Download Speaking Requirements file here.