Are you looking for a speaker to inspire the people attending your next conference?
Or are you looking to create an Unbreakable team or community at one of his workshops? 
Warren Davies -The Unbreakable Farmer has something to offer.

Warren imparts his skills and pays forward his unique stories.

His keynote topics are centred on resilience, persistence, determination, leadership and wellbeing, their moral relevant to all ages and communities. 
Warren’s ability to help and connect with individuals or organisations is through the journey of him piecing back together his life and the life lessons he learnt along the way. His down to earth approach makes his story and strategies relevant whether you are from the country or the city, a farmer or the CEO of a large corporation.

His message is simple and so very important at a time when stress is seen as normal and depression is commonplace. Warren will change the thinking and behavior of your most precious resource, your people.

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What People are saying...


Last evening I attended a truly awesome presentation given by Warren Davies, The Unbreakable Farmer. I don’t usually use the word awesome. Warren’s story was compelling, emotional and inspiring. His presentation was authentic, raw and deeply moving. If you or your organisation need help in developing resilience or are facing hard times, Warren is the perfect speaker for you. His message is simple and so very important at a time when stress is seen as normal and depression is commonplace. Warren will change the thinking and behaviour of your most precious resource, your people. You must hear his story.

Paddy Spruce
Award winning speaker, Training facilitator, MC and Coach.

Warren spoke at our workshop day in January 2016 and he delivered an emotional, inspiring & honest presentation to a room full of men, 
Warren showed the audience how an everyday guy can crash and burn but also recover magnificently. Warren is a truly inspiring individual with a story worth listening to. Keep up the great work Warren. Lisa. Business Performance Manager. Goulburn Murray Water

Warren recently spoke at The Biz Hive, business owners and individuals in North East Victoria who meet regularly to hear from inspiring speakers. 
He shared his story in an honest, and confronting talk about the challenges that have faced him and how he kept moving, the choices he had to make, and how his determination bought him to where he is now. 
Warren has a warm, open manner and would engage with a broad range of audiences. Karen. Owner and Founder. Biz Hive. Beechworth

I attended the motivational day on the 9th Sept 2015 where Warren Davies "The unbreakable farmer" was one of the key note speakers. Warren's unique and extremely honest way in which he tells his story of resilience when faced against the most extreme adversity was simply inspiring. There are true life lessons in what Warren tells and should be heard from everyone from school kids to families and city corporates. Scott. New Home Consultant. Hadar Homes. Wodonga

Warren delivers an inspiring and candid presentation of his experiences as a Dairy Farmer surviving through the Millennium Drought. It is a fantastic story of a normal guy overcoming some major challenges through resilience and determination. What I took from the presentation was that overcoming adversity happens to normal people and success in life is more than money and fame. 
Warren is a relatable and compelling speaker who would appeal to a broad audience. John. Manager Customer Support Goulburn Murray Water.