Cup of Connection By Ben Coyle

Ben Coyle and myself sat down for a chat in Melbourne recently, where he interviewed me for his blog Cup of Connection. You can find it at  

Warren Davies was born and bred in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, the son of small business owners, they owned milk bars, a butcher and even a post office.

His family made a decision to move to the country and pursue his father's dream of becoming a farmer. This gave Warren an opportunity to reinvent himself. A direction, a career path ... he was going to be a farmer himself.

Mentored by one of the best farmers in the district, Warren honed his skills and by the age of 22 he had purchased his first farm.

The harsh reality of being a farmer soon became evident, high interest rates and low commodity prices, which is pretty topical right now in 2016 in Australia, then drought had it’s impact in the years to come. Not only only on the land but on the man, his body but most significantly his mental health. These events all tested his resilience, his tenacity and his determination, it had a massive impact on his young family, relationships and finances. It culminated in the decision to eventually walk away from his dream, to walk off the farm.

With his skills, work was easy to find, however he couldn’t settle, he had lost his identity, as a ‘bloke’, a farmer and as the the head of his family. In his eyes he had failed! As a husband and a father.

I actually write this with a tear in my eye …. he hung himself!

Thank whatever you believe god is, but luckily the rope broke and Warren is meant to be here to share his story, that life should never grim! That you feel that low, so alone, that you attempt it.

Reach out! Lifeline, Beyond Blue, WIRE, Outside The Locker Room, a friend or family member. No matter where you are at in life. It will be sadder, it will be less, less bright without you, and yes …. yes YOU! How dare you deprive us of YOU!

Although he lost his identity, Warren came back and now inspires others to reach out no matter what your business or situation. Life is a game of poker, you draw deuces, you draw aces, we all get dealt a hand, we may get dealt a full house, we may not, but we all have the ability to have patience and hold on for better cards.

Life in men’s terms isn’t a pissing contest! It’s about doing you best and knowing that’s ok.

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