After attending our school's award night, I thought back to my not so illustrious schooling days. I can never recall being recognised for any awards during that time. I thought about all those students who didn't get awards but achieved greater growth during the year. 
We all have strengths, weaknesses and face challenges. We all have the ability to positively impact our community or world. Focusing on being your unique self and striving to be the best version of yourself every day will cause less stress and anxiety than trying to compare yourself with others. 
This morning I read this piece called I See You from Colleen Wilson of Contemporary Parenting. I think it says it all.


Its a time of badges, certificates, medals, trophies, recognition, awards, prizes and 'seeing' of high achievement. I love seeing the kids that shine at this time of year - a big high heartfelt round of applause to you. You so deserve it for the effort you have put in.
But this message is for the kids that didn't get called up for any of the above... 

To the child that conquered their fear of heights, or sleeping in the dark, or riding without training wheels or sleeping out for the night for the first time this year, I SEE YOU

To the child that managed to resolve more conflict than they started this year, to the child that learnt to say the impossible; "I'm sorry", and to the child that walked away from the fighting instead of getting involved, I SEE YOU

To the child for whom school is a huge struggle, you get up every day and you go, I SEE YOU

To the child that battled all year with the maths, or reading or concentration, or speaking out in class, or learning their words, but persevered anyway, I SEE YOU

To the child that found the kindness in their heart to reach out in any way to another person or to an animal in need or in pain, I SEE YOU

To the child that learnt to give and to share for the first time this year and even found joy in these, I SEE YOU

To the child that battles to make friends and to be social, you made new friends this year and for that, I SEE YOU

To the child who wanted so much to please, but was just out of sight of an adult who perhaps was too busy or too distracted, I SEE YOU

To the child who lost a friend or a loved one this year, but carried on everyday bravely even though their heart ached, I SEE YOU

To the brave parents that try every day to do the best for their kids, I SEE YOU.

May you and your children revel in small but significant victories that you have both experienced this year, as I will with my beautiful children. For every year there is progress and growth, we don't need a podium or handshake or a hall of applause to be seen.


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