ON THE WIRE with Gordon Jenkins

On this episode of ON THE WIRE, I speak to Gordon Jenkins aka The Visible Guy.

Born Manchester UK, Gordon now lives in Melbourne Australia and is an entrepreneur, passionate about life, international coach, mentor and speaker.

Gordon Jenkins (aka thevisibleguy.com) has faced many challenges, some life and death situations. He has ended up in the strangest of places such as a South Asian jungle instead of the Australian Outback. He is proof that no matter how bad your circumstances seem at the time, you are in control of your destiny.

In his own words

At times I could never see ending. All I wanted was to be accepted, so I thought. I later realised that I desired happiness not acceptance. I have had many curved balls thrown towards me during my life, 2004 was particularly challenging. My life stopped, turned 180 degrees, upside down and was thrown around. I stepped off the corporate gravy train. I discovered my passion. I always had the passion. I thought chasing the same path trodden by others would give me the rewards I sought. I may end up at the same destination as others but I will take the path that is true for me. 

Today, he travels the world as he shares his knowledge, enabling the seemingly unimaginable personal outcomes to happen. You become visible in a way that suits you. The imaginable just became the possible.

Gordon is also heavily involved as Chair of the charity Lungitude Foundation. The charities purpose, To maximise the range of choices and opportunities to enrich the quality of their lives of people who need or receive a lung transplant, and/or other organ transplants, and their carers with the aim of reducing patient morbidity and mortality. To find out more go to www.lungitude.com.au