ON THE WIRE with Tory Trewhitt

On this episode of ON THE WIRE I speak with Tory Trewhitt - The Health Bloke. We speak about his story and the journey that got him to where he is today, an Excercise Physiologist, Corporate Health Coach and Motivational Speaker. We also discuss the relationship between physical fitness, nutrition and mental health, and how they all work together to create a healthy lifestyle.


Tory’s knowledge and experience is comprehensive and diverse having been employed at both the Australian Institute of Sport and the Victorian Institute of Sport before heading abroad to work as an Exercise Physiologist for BUPA in the UK. During his early employment days Tory worked across both the Private and Public sector as an Exercise Physiologist and Conditioning Specialist before starting his first company, Trewhealth Management in Feb 2001 which is a boutique health and wellness company based in Melbourne, Australia presently providing health and fitness services to companies and individuals nationally.

As Trewhealth has expanded into the corporate health area, Tory has developed into an exceptional motivational speaker, regularly being called upon by companies to motivate and challenge the professional and personal boundaries of their employees.  These days Tory is focused solely on helping individuals and corporate organisations achieve wellness, both physical and mental, through health. Tory’s experience and infectious personality has created such heavy demand for his services as a health consultant that he is now providing a totally dedicated service called TORY TREWHITT – THE HEALTH BLOKE .

Tory is more than a business owner, health consultant and motivator.  He is a passionate runner, having completed 15 marathons and an amazing 12 ultra marathons ranging from 50km – 100km. However, his number 1 priority is his beautiful wife and three kids which drives him to become a better husband, father, business owner, mentor, and friend to those who surround him.

Like any small, labour intensive business in an industry with small margins and little barriers to entry, things haven’t always been smooth sailing for Trewhealth.  Tory was accustomed to working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week in an effort to establish himself, his brand and his business.  Tory understands the principle of effort = reward, having started Trewhealth Pty Ltd with a $20,000 loan from the bank and within seven years turning over $1 million.  Tory is more happy to share all his knowledge and experience with you.