ON THE WIRE with Jeff Wright

On this episode of ON THE WIRE, I had the pleasure to chat with an old mate, Jeff Wright. He is served his country with 20 years of military service, He has been a member of the Queensland Police Force, and more recently forged a career following a personal passion, as a building designer. But 18 months ago, he was presented with an unexpected challenge, a challenge that would draw on all the skills life had taught him until now. This is an inspiring story of overcoming obstacles with Resilience, Persistence and Determination. I am one of the lucky ones, I get to call him Mate. 

Jeff grew up in and around my home town of Kyabram in northern Victoria. We went to school together, we played footy together, we became legends in our own lunchtimes together, by being part of the victorious 1985 Kyabram thirds team.Not long after that Jeff made a life-defining decision, and decision would shape the man he would become, he joined the Army. He would spend 20 years in the army reaching a high rank, all testament to his will to better himself and push the limits. Once out of the Army, he joined the Queensland police, where skills learnt over the past 20 years would make him a valuable asset to the force. He spent 5 years in the police force until he decided to follow a passion and enter the building industry. All was going well as he quickly established a reputation of impeccable sales service, until one fateful day while returning from a weekend of R & R on his beloved Harley, his life would be turned upside down and find the need to draw on all the skills life had taught him to carve a new path. This is a true story of Resilience, Persistence and Determination in overcoming adversity.