ON THE WIRE with Grant Monks

On this episode of ON THE WIRE, I had the pleasure, no I think it is better described as the honour to speak to Grant Monks. Grant grew up in Kyabram and is now doing some great work as an ambassador for Kidney Health Australia and the Alannah & Madeleine Foundation. Grant has battled with kidney disease for his entire life, has been faced with family tragedy, but still approaches life with his infectious wit and smile. Despite the adversity Grant has faced throughout his life, he still declares that he is the lucky one.

From an early age, Grant was diagnosed with Kidney Disease and required a transplant. He was cared for by his mother in those early years. When Grant required a transplant it was found that his mother was the only compatible donor. But in tragic circumstances his Mother passed away. His Mother's death left Grant and his older brother alone and without a family, and Grant without a compatible donor. Grant and his Brother were taken in and cared for by a local family and Grant. with their care he attended and completed school in Kyabram all the while living as normal life as possible taking into account he required 15 hours of dialysis a week.

Despite Grant's illness and setbacks in life he has set about living it to the fullest and along the way caring for others and providing inspiration for everyone that knows him.

In 2017 Grant was a State Finalist in the Australian of the year and in a statement released on their website, described Grant as a Beacon of Hope.

"Despite significant health issues and family tragedy, Grant Monks is a beacon of hope for people suffering from chronic illness around Australia. Working for Kidney Health Australia, Grant is also a mentor for multiple chronic illness peer support groups, volunteers his time to support youth offenders and is an ambassador for the Alannah & Madeleine Foundation, so it’s hard to believe that Grant has also spent 15 hours each week for 17 years hooked up to a dialysis machine".